We have a variety of seamstresses available to help alter your wedding dress, prom gown, or bridesmaids dress to perfection! Please note that these seamstresses take care of alterations as their own business, and charge by the hour differently based on the type of fabric, lace, or beading with which they are working. Depending on your location, here are some of the experts we suggest.


Northern Utah 

Dee Dee Anderson

485 West 300 South 

Newton, UT 84327

phone number: 435-512-7594 


North on I-15, exit on UT 30-E (Exit 385) toward Logan, turn right on UT-30, Turn left on 6000 North (UT-23), Turn left on 300 South 


Salt Lake City 

Marianne Tower 

1547 South 2100 East 

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

phone number: 801-583-4619


off of I-15, go East on I-80 to 1300 East, Turn North to 2100 South, turn East to 2100 East, Turn North to Kensington Avenue, house on northeast corner Bryan/2100 East. 


Utah County 

The Alterations Shop

1774 North University Parkway Suite 28

Provo, UT 84604

phone number: 801-375-9300


South on I-15 to Provo, Exit 269 left, to West 2230 North, left to north University Avenue, Right to University Parkway.


Concerned about the ins and outs of caring for your wedding dress? Here are a few insider tips about what you can do to keep your gown in mint condition.

We lovingly steam your gown when it arrives in our showroom. Since gowns tend to wrinkle, we recommend taking your gown out of the garment bag and allowing the train to breathe. To remove wrinkles, you put your dress in the bathroom with you when you take a steamy shower. The steam helps to ease out the wrinkles. You can also hold an iron away from the dress on a steam setting to get out wrinkles. A clothing steamer will also work wonders.

If those pesky wrinkles return, we would be happy to steam the gown again for your for $35.

So that we can do our very best on your steaming, plan on 48 hours notice before dropping off your dress and give us about 2 days to get everything just right. Please call 801-363-3688 to schedule an additional steaming.

To best create your very own perfect experience, our busy Saturdays aren't ideal for gown steaming or dress pick-ups. We can more easily give you our undivided attention during the week.

From beginning to end, we're dedicated to bringing your unique wedding dream to life!