Meet The LDB Family

We have a built an incredible team full of talent and kindness. We are so excited to meet you but in the meantime here is a little about us.

General Manager- Liberty

While every team member is so important, Liberty is at the heart of all operations here at LatterDayBride. Not only is she the kindest, she truly cares for each and every bride. She is determined to make sure every bride gets everything they could imagine. As a team we couldn't be what we are without Libby!

Marketing Director- Bree

We are so grateful to have amazing Bree as our Markting Director! She is so creative and brillant! All of our incredible posts, stories, tiktoks, reels, etc are done by Bree! She is the star of knowing what's in. She lets everyone know about all new things coming! Follow us to see all those updates!

E-commerce- Makenzi

Working directly with all our inventory, Makenzi is driven to making sure you can find what you are looking for on our website! Her work includes making a better online shopping experience.

Tech Stylist- Halle

Halle's bubbly and sweet personality allows her to make friends with you instantly! As head of all stylists she has the experience and heart to find you the perfection overall look for your special day. Cute Halle is everything LDB stands for to a 'T'!

Shipping Manager- Lyndsi

We have many dresses and styles for our brides to choose from and Lyndsi knows them all! She knows every dress like the back of her hand. Plus she is the best listener, making her find that show-stopping dress for you everytime.

Stylist- Hannah

Goodness! Who doesn't love Hannah? She has a heart of gold. Hannah is the queen of communication. From day one she makes sure she is texting and talking with her brides so she can be the best stylist for each one.

Stylist- Morgan

Morgan!! She can talk to anyone and make them feel like million dollars. With her kind-heartness she will undoubtly help you find your dress!

Stylist- Kennadi

Stylist- Summer