Since we believe in beautiful, we also believe in creating a beautiful work environment. These are the core beliefs we live and work by in our showroom.

Positive Intention
Service from your heart
Kind Directness
Creative Problem Solving
Worker Bees
Attention to Detail
Follow Up

All of our stylists create an extension of these philosophies. We’re ready and waiting to welcome our brides, embrace them, and bring their loved ones together to celebrate their union, no matter where it takes place. Leave your labels at the door, because we’ve done away with them. Come work with people you'll love in an environment where everyone belongs.

We're always happy to welcome new faces to our LatterDayBride team! If our beliefs align with yours, if you adore dresses, love problem solving, have a team-centered work ethic, and especially if you believe in beautiful, you've found the right work place.

Please send your resume to For more information, call us at 801-363-3688. We look forward to hearing from you!