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Welcome to LatterDayBride & Prom! You’ve stumbled upon much more than a store. We represent fashion, beauty, and above all, modesty. Our goal is to create beautifully, stunningly modest gowns that let you truly shine. In our dresses, when you exit the temple at your wedding, enter the ballroom at your prom, stand in the receiving line of your best friend’s wedding, or even walk the halls in your Sunday best, all eyes turn to you not just because you’re modest but because you’re amazing. We want to highlight your radiance, joy, femininity, and love. Our modest gowns are more than dresses; they are a dynamic statement about who you are, who you aim to be, and who you represent through your loveliness. Through girlhood, womanhood, motherhood and more, through all your stages, let us join you on your journey at LatterDayBride. 

LatterDayBride's Showroom and office is located in Salt Lake City, at 360 West Broadway, Suite #101, on the north side of Pioneer Park. The company began in 1999 to assist brides in finding the perfect modest wedding dress, bridesmaid and prom gowns. Since then, LatterDayBride has been able to serve brides all over the world with their modest wedding gowns, formalwear and accessories.


LDS Wedding Dresses

LatterDayBride is the resource for LDS Wedding Dresses. We have over 75 LDS wedding dresses in the most popular styles for you to choose from. From cap to long sleeves and A-line to ball gowns, LatterDayBride has the style you are looking for. Please browse our online catalog or order the LatterDayBride magazine today.

Modest Wedding Dresses

If you have been searching for modest wedding dresses, LatterDayBride is the place to visit. We specialize in modest wedding dresses for brides who want the classic bridal look. All our modest wedding dresses come in white, but also come in other striking colors like ivory, rum and gold and silver trim — perfect for a reception gown.

Formalwear and Modest Bridesmaid Gowns

Find your modest LDS bridesmaid or LDS prom dress at LatterDayBride. We have the top modest styles in an array of colors. Simply select your style, measure yourself, determine the appropriate size based on the available size charts and call or email us to order.

LDS Weddings

We at LatterDayBride want to support LDS weddings everywhere. This is why we spend so much energy and effort bringing our services to you. If you have any questions about LDS weddings and what the gown standards are, please let us know. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Utah Wedding

If you are planning a Utah wedding, please visit the LatterDayBride Showroom in downtown Salt Lake City. Here you can try on our wedding gowns and formalwear to find the style you are looking for. We also have recommendations for other Utah professionals to make your Utah wedding experience grand. We hope to see you soon.


We can refer you to a professional in our area that does alterations, and with whom you can set up a fitting.

Quality Statement

LatterDayBride uses high quality matte satins, chiffon, organza and tulle. Our gowns are designed and created above standards for a better look and fit. We are pleased to bring our affordable gowns to you without jeopardizing the integrity of the gown.

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