Temple Dresses

      Feel just as lovely and comfortable in your LDS temple dress as the beautiful white hallways you walk. LatterDayBride is proud to offer LDS temple dresses that combine beauty, simplicity, and sweetness. Define your personal style while honoring your standards. These gowns are designed for fit and ease so that your temple trip will be effortless. These lovely long sleeve temple dresses provide comfort and versatility while maintaining your sense of style and fashion. The lovely laces, flowy chiffons, and even soft cotton are all machine washable when washed inside out on a delicate cycle. Best of all, you can use these gowns long after your wedding shoes wear out. Flexible fabrics allow for your winter or summer figure, baby bumps, and other changes as the years go by. Custom made to meet temple standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these dresses will give you yet another reason to be excited to visit the templ