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Here at LatterDayBride, we obviously attract many LDS brides. You might not know, though, that we also attract brides of other Christian faiths, as well as brides who want to be modest, regardless of religion. Our real bride Hannah is a Christian from Tennessee, and her Latter Day Bride story is one of our favorites! Join us and ogle the beautiful photos of her Christian wedding!

Christian Wedding | Providence Gown

Hannah contacted us with the sweetest email recently. She lives in Johnsonville, Tennessee, but her dream was to be able to come into LatterDayBride and find her dream dress. She wanted something beautiful but modest, and when her cute mom decided to fly her out to Utah, her dream came true. She decided on our "Providence" gown, and got a veil as well, and was such a sweetheart that she emailed us to let us know how grateful she was that she was able to find such a gorgeous, modest dress for her beautiful Christian wedding. We are so in love with Hannah! She has wonderful natural beauty, and makes this dress look so good. This stunning girl has inspired us by reminding us how far we can reach with the value of modesty. Hannah and her husband were married in a beautiful Christian wedding ceremony on February 10th 2017 at their church in Johnsonville, Tennessee. Their church is called the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ. How can that not make you smile and feel good? Anyways, we are so excited to share these with you.   The happiness is contagious!So, take a look. Our Providence gown is an A-line masterpiece. English net and gathered lace overlay meet at the bodice, and a row of buttons trails down the back. Perfect for a Christian wedding. Modesty meets beauty perfectly here. 


Photos: Michael Kaal Photography

Dress: LatterDayBride

Welcome sign: Allison's Lettering